Community Service

This year we would like to reach out to our area Businesses and community leaders to combine forces to support both our KEC student endeavors and our local communities.

We want all KEC students to have the option of attending conferences and training for competitions but these can be costly. We could sell trinkets and goodies or go for a nice long walk to raise money but instead we would like to double our efforts by giving back to our community. This is where you, as a part of our community, can pledge a donation towards the KEC SkillsUSA chapter in return for student services with a program of your choice.

What is in it for you?

We would like for you as a local business or organization to partner with us and the educational system. This can give you access to a direct conversation to the generation that will be a part of your workforce soon. You become an example of community outreach while supporting their work in community outreach and services. You show them how to be leaders while they are learning to be the next leaders. The stronger we can make our youth the better your workforce and your community will be in the near future.

Students will bring paperwork to be signed for evidence of completion for service times. These will be collected and recorded by KEC. All payments will be made directly to KEC and dedicated to the student’s individual funds. Funds that exceed a students needs will be directed to the KEC SkillsUSA chapter fund to be used for equipment and supply needs.

Sponsor Pledge

Event Partnership

Let us give a helping hand! If you have an event that your business or organization is putting on please consider having our students help with anything that needs done. You will choose how many students you will need and a pledge amount per student. Event Pledge Agreement

Service Partnership

Choose a charity. You choose a local charity. Students can volunteer to help with the charity as it fits into their schedule. You choose the pledge amount and a maximum number of pledges. Service Pledge Agreement


You can pledge a set amount of money to the KEC SkillsUSA fund to be used for student expenses. Funds can be directed to an individual student, an individual competition or needs the chapter may have. Direct Sponsor Agreement


We are open to all ideas you have about how you can help support our students. Contact us