What are Skills competitions and why should I do them?

When you participate in the training for a competition you are building skills and techniques that will put you ahead of other students in your field. You are also showing future schools and employers that you are driven and have professional character skills.

There are many competitions to choose from. The complete list can be found on the SkillsUSA Illinois website. Below we have put together a list of competitions that we are able to coach and prepare students to compete in at the Spring Conference.

Some competitions have limited spaces available. These competitions will have an evaluation exam. The highest scoring students in the state will be able to compete at the Spring Conference. Your coach will give you the study information.

All students attending the Spring Conference with KEC will need to take the SkillsUSA exam. This exam is not used for placement at the Spring Conference but it can be used for a tie breaker at the conference if it is needed.

Exams are typically given in February. Students will cover the cost of the exam in January when they register for the exam. KEC will provide fundraising opportunities throughout the year.

How do I prepare for the competitions?

KEC will provide you with a coach for your competition.

One of the things you will need to look at when deciding on a competition will be how to prepare for the competition. Some of the competitions are done individually and some are team events. Each coach for each competition will have requirements for practice times. Sometimes the competition is one that you can do most of the practicing on your own time and other competitions require hours with equipment or training at the school. Practice schedules will be created by your coaches before you choose to test so you can make a decision to how much time you can commit to practicing for competitions.

How do I prepare for the exams?

KEC will provide you will the study guides, books or materials for preparing for the competition exams. Each coach will have a plan for studying.

The following links are study guides you can use to prepare for the PDP exam. SkillsUSA is a national organization so they have been created in other states but have the same information from state to state.

PDP StudyGuide (1) (1).pdf

What happens after I take the exam(s)?

Once you take the exams and accept a position on the KEC competition team you will begin your competition training. You will also be responsible for sharing some of the costs for travel, lodging, membership dues, etc. The payment for these is $160 and will be due in March.

Competitors will be asked to participate in an all KEC practice open house on April 22, time TBD.

KEC competitors will travel together to Springfield, IL from Thursday, April 19 - Saturday, April 21, 2018 for the conference and competitions. Detailed information will be given out in March.

Below are the competitions that KEC has agreed to coach. You can find more information about the competitions on the National SkillsUSA website or through your instructor.

KEC Competition Info (Responses)