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Welcome to the KEC SkillsUSA chapter. Often there is a gap between the world of a young student and the world of an adult professional. At KEC we work at bridging the gap between the two worlds and the national organization of SkillsUSA is one of the ways we do this. Within our SkillsUSA chapter we give students and opportunity to build basic professional skills, leadership skills and industry skills. We would like to invite you to be a part of this team.

This is a great opportunity for you to be involved in shaping your future employees and community leaders. You know what you expect in employees and this is your chance to be hand in hand with their early training. We offer many different ways for you to get involved with KEC whether you are an individual, small business or a large company.

How to get involved

Guest speaker: Come and talk to our students! While we work hard to give the students all the "real world" information that we can it is always helpful to students to actually talk to other professionals that are doing the job they are training for. Contact us for more details.

Field trip: We have hands on classrooms to learn and practice techniques but nothing can replace seeing the real thing. For information on hosting a field trip Contact us for more details.

Community Service: We would like to partner with area businesses for community services. We would like to ask for donations for students to attend conferences and competitions. See our fundraiser page: Fundraising/Community Service

Competition Coach: Students compete in April in their career fields or in leadership competitions against other students in the state. These competitions are designed for students to focus on their technical skills but to also build professional and leadership qualities during the training. We are always looking for volunteer coaches. Student Competitions

Donations: Conferences, training and competitions are costly. We are open to donations of equipment, proper uniforms or monetary donations to cover registration, travel and lodging expenses for all students to be able to attend SkillsUSA events. Contact us for more details